Sep 2023 My team at Salesforce Research is hiring! We are looking for strong candidates for Researcher Scientist and Applied Scientist roles in the areas of Multimodal AI (video + language, multimodal understanding and generation, etc) and AI Agents (simulation and planning).
Jun 2023 I am an invited speaker at the 5th CVPR Precognition Workshop.
Jan 2023 I am an Area Chair for ICCV 2023.
Mar 2022 I am an Area Chair for ECCV 2022.
Feb 2021 I am co-organizing the 2021 International Challenge on Activity Recognition (ActivityNet), a workshop held in conjunction with CVPR 2021, and previously with CVPR 2020 and CVPR2019. I also co-organized the ActivityNet Large Scale Activity Recognition Challenges, a series of workshops held in conjunction with CVPR2018, CVPR 2017 and CVPR 2016.
Jan 2021 I am an Associate Editor for IEEE TPAMI.
Dec 2020 I am an Area Chair for ICCV 2021.
Feb 2020 I am co-organizing the Compositionality in Computer Vision workshop at CVPR 2020.
Feb 2020 I am an Associate Editor for IROS 2020.
Feb 2020 I am an Area Chair for CVPR 2021.
Jul 2019 I am an Area Chair for CVPR 2020.
Feb 2019 I am Tutorials Co-Chair for ICCV 2019.
Aug 2018 I am an Area Chair for CVPR 2019.
Jun 2018 I am the Program Director for Stanford AI4ALL.
Jun 2018 I am Member of the AI Index Steering Committee and SAIL liaison to the AI Index.
Aug 2017 I am an Area Chair for CVPR 2018.
Feb 2015 I am the recipient of a Google Faculty Research Award. February 2015.
Aug 2013 The President of Colombia invited me to the celebration of the UN International Youth Day. August 2013.
May 2012 I was selected one of the seven 2012 Microsoft Research Faculty Fellows, and the first second-generation recipient
Dec 2011 I am the recipient of a Google Research Award. December 2011.
Jun 2010 I would like to connect with other Latin Americans in Computer Vision.
Jun 2010 I was involved in the organization of CVPR 2010 as a Volunteers Chair.
Dec 2009 I was an organizer for BAVM2009: Bay Area Vision Meeting on Image and Video Understanding; Stanford, CA. August 14th, 2009.
Jul 2007 I was part of the UIUC-Princeton Team that won the First Place (software league) in the 1st Semantic Robot Vision Challenge at AAAI-07. You can visit our Team Page; we were featured in The Wire, the ECE Illinois Weekly Newsletter; and also in the Princeton CS Department news.